Feathers and Lace

20 May

Certain themes recur often in my work, my home is a history of all the subjects that have influenced me over the years and is expressed through ceramics, printmaking, sketching and painting. 

Animals crop up regularly with particular favourites being whales, rhinos, elephants and bears. I love the majesty of these amazing creatures and in a bid to contribute to their conservation I make regular donations to the WWF based upon my sales.

I recently began making a series of swans and became absorbed in creating the feathers for their wings. This led me to looking at another favourite of mine, grave angels. I then began looking at ways to create torsos with wings which has further developed to include ideas of Odette and Odile  from Swan Lake and the Greek God Zeus (who regularly disguised himself as a swan in order to ravage mortal maidens!!). I have begun exploring the world of Burlesque as well, which has felt like another natural progression for this latest project.

I have also been creating coiled vessels and pinch pots decorated with feathers which I have named my ‘Angel Vessels’. 

As always I work using lots of texture, I especially enjoy using antique lace to create pattern and together with the feathers this has led me to entitle my latest body of work ‘Feathers and Lace’.

I do hope you enjoy it.

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